What the fuck?
May 8 2002 at 1:43 PM

Long ago, when Kris asked the regulars how they found this page, one of the most common answers was that they found a link in Jim Breen's Japanese Page ("I agonized a little before putting in this link to Kris's Young Dudes Guide to Japan. Maybe I'm too old").

Well I checked out Jim Breen's page lately, which is still the closest thing you get to the YD website when you run the words "Young Dude's Guide to Japan" through Google, and guess what I found....

Here is the disclaimer on Jim Breen's page:

"I have even received requests that the link be removed on the grounds that the site has mysogynistic and homophobic material. I am considering this, but in the meantime I am adding this warning if you choose to visit it."

What the fuck?

And why is it that you cannot just come to the YD website via Google or Yahoo?


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