I've seent he same thing..
August 26 2002 at 2:12 PM

Response to s@@@@

I work on the fringe of Tokyo in Chiba ken teaching kids.

My worst students live closer to Tokyo and my best students (personality wise) live in Ibaraki.
Saitama & Chiba kids being 50/50.
I had 3 new students from Kyushu last year, the eldest one is the brightest (personality wise) student I've ever had.

Tokyo is a very fast paced city where nobody has time to do much in between racing from A to B to C.

The brush strokes you paint are right on the button.

I like mountain girls & mountain women!!!
(say it with your eyes closed).

Reminds me of the lady down the street. Ms. Matsuyama. Wouldn't mind getting in her matsu and playing in her yama's either.


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