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April 26 2002 at 9:41 PM

Response to Actually....

> I don't know where you live, but in
> some parts of America, it is nearly
> a hundred-fold cheaper to go horseback
> riding or sailplane flying than in the
> more expensive parts of Japan. Depending
> on where she is coming from, these things
> could become a once-in-a-lifetime
> experience. And there is the old standby
> - firearms. You can't own guns in Japan,
> so shooting a gun is definately a rare
> experience for a J-girl.

Holy shit! I really think that Oscar is on to something here. I took an old J-Chick girlfriend to visit my relatives who live in an extremely isolate rural area. We spent about a week there. One day, I went outside with my relative to fire off his AR-15. After a bit, I hopped on the three-wheeler and went back into the woods to check out one of my relatives old abandoned homes. I was relaxing on the porch when I spy my J-Chick girlfriend running towards me. She was wearing the cutest shorts and a t-shirt.


I'll never forget the look of glee on her face. She looked positely orgasmic! My relative had given her the gun and told to go off in the woods and kill some trees or something. She looked so insanely happy. My first thought was that I better get that gun out of her hands before she cuts me in half with it.

Anyway, I find some old cans and we take turns shooting. Finally, she leads me into the old house and we find a old bedroom. She then proceeds to suck me off like I've never been sucked before. When the time came, I told her that I wanted to come in her mouth and she friggin "deep throats" me! She even swallowed to boot.

In the past, I never made the connection between the assault rifle and her sudden urge to blow me. I thought it was merely my charming personality. I guess I'll have to try the firearms approach.

The Virgin Killer

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