Seizing Tokyo
May 26 2002 at 10:58 PM

Response to Movable Feast

I've never read Hemingway's talk of France, but if it's deemed a "Movable Feast" then ceartainly Henry Miller would agree, going on to describe every sacred detail of every morsel down to the last crumb in a bistro, and the last jaded whore on the street.
I think that view of Paris has as much to do with the speaker as with the city itself, and I've found that most all of the truly happy, healthy people I've met in my life viewed life in the same way: A smorgasbord, where there's so much, so many different kinds of good stuff that there's no possible way one could ever experience it all in one lifetime.
I could tell you what I think of Tokyo, but it would sound sappy without the story of why it is so; by contrast Hemingway's quote can stand forever in history since it's tempered by his record of greatness that stands for all to see.
I think the story of Tokyo through the sharp filter of a YD lens will manifest someday, when you least expect it.

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