Saying you have a gf
April 26 2002 at 1:28 PM

Response to Attn Oscar: Virgin Killer's Battlefield Debriefing

In your shoes i would have done the same thing i.e. told her and its kind of funny in that after reading the thread and oscars reply

"Good idea to tell her that you have a girlfriend. That's what I would have done"

an e-mail that got posted to another group i look at contained the following reply to a similar type of question

"Most woman will not care if you have a girlfriend. Why would you mention that anyway?? Japanese woman are competetive and telling them you have a girlfriend will make them want you more. Especially since
it's your first time there. They will try and steal you away"

Not sure if the above is true totally or its just a stereotype but must be some truth in it somewhere ?



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