November 22 2000 at 9:11 PM

Response to Now I'm Clean...

You got it. I never considered Depeche Mode to be an especially "sensitive" band...oh sure, there are lots of songs about love and sex taking on spiritual and even religious qualities, but you might take some refuge from your sensitive tendancies by remembering several lines from some of their better songs:

"I have to believe that sin can make a better man..."

Or how about...

"I give in to sin because I like to practice what I preach..."

Or my personal favorite,

"It used to be so civilized...you will always wonder how it could have been if you'd only lied...You'll see your problems multiply if you continually decide to faithfully pursue the policy of truth..."

The whole song, Policy of Truth, is just right up the Young Dudes' alley...

Feed be a few beers and I'll even try to belt out a few DM tunes...they're about the only songs my voice is suited to...but I have been known to give a "jolly good show" of crooning "Mr. Roboto" once in a while, too...



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