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April 24 2002 at 10:14 AM

Response to Phinneas.....

The spamming of my account wasnít due to a direct marketer. Some irate Aussie posted several phony personals in my name describing me as ďa sexy 21 year old young woman, looking to meet an Aussie male, no ferals, geeks, losers or weirdos please.Ē While normally something that I would think as a damn funny retaliation, the widespread posting means that this email address wonít exist much longer due to the volume of replies Ė which fucks me pretty good. The irony is that I received lots of replies to the personal which essentially had the same message. Something to the effect:

No Geeks, Ferals, Losers or Weirdos please. I think.... that counts out all Aussies then, how about a nice londoner??

It seems Iím not alone in my anti-Aussie bias. The fact is, my mom comes from Australia, having moved to the U.S. just before I was born. One whole side of my family lives in Australia, so itís OK to engage in a little friendly, Aussie-bashing (Iím making fun of my lineage, too). Plus, as I said, Aussies usually have the best comebacks. My best friend from high school is in the service, and I give him shit about the military, and he gives me shit about academia. And I have more than my share of heavy duty Neanderthals among my friends and family. Academics are taught to qualify everything they say or write, so they usually end up saying nothing about anything. I learned this lesson, too, which is why I said that ďa great manyĒ of the guys on this site are Neanderthals. Not all, not even the majority. If you took offense, what would lead you to think that I meant you?

I donít think Iím better than everyone else because of nationality or education. Being an arrogant American is downright dangerous. Academia was a big mistake for me Ė I went for my Ph.D. because I didnít know what else to do and it gave me the chance to travel and have some interesting experiences. And I know better than anyone that a degree is just a piece of paper, since I come from a poor family where Iím damn lucky to have had the chance. If you read my post where I pick on Aussies, you can see that I wrote that it is possible to write an equally bad rant about Americans. I was hoping for as much from a clever Aussie, rather than personal attacks or out and out sabotage of my email account. I appreciate those people who posted their responses (e.g. Silvertongue, etc.) rather than trying to seriously screw me anonymously.

I donít think Iím better than anyone because Iíve been to Japan. Iíve only been briefly Ė I know shite about it. Fact is, you can learn to speak Japanese, to read 5000 kanji and to completely recite the history of the islands all while sitting on your ass in the U.S. You donít have to go. What I was pointing out is that some dudes, and weíve all met at least one, think they know a lot about Japan because theyíve shagged a Japanese girl and know how to say ďoishii.Ē Thatís just not enough. There are a lot of these guys in Queensland, because there are lots of Japanese girlfriends of immobile bludgers there. But these guys are everywhere. Hell, I was one of them once.

We can only think that weíre better than people who are overtly disrespectful to others. If youíre a serviceman who goes into a club, with no respect for the women or the country, itís usually apparent. Same for Aussies. Same for American anthropologists for that matter. If you think that all western women are raging maniac feminists, or that a womanís a bitch Ďcause she refuses to fuck you when you ask her to, then youíve got respect issues with regard to women. Iíve got respect issues with regard to obnoxious dudes. Iím guilty of inaccurately assuming the ranks of obnoxious dudes are overrepresented by U.S. servicemen, Aussies and some Young Dudesí posters. I went way overboard in trying to stir up a revived discussion on those issues. Iím sorry for offending some of you who didnít at all deserve it. I mean that!

I wonít post anymore, the reaction was bit too much for me Ė Iíll leave it for the tougher young dudes. Iím traveling beginning in two days, and would have been unable to check in regularly anyway for a few weeks. Also, Iím a lover, not a fighter. I lost an otherwise perfectly good email account, and I canít risk that or worse again. Some of you are so seriously pissed off, that youíre probably saying ďgood riddance.Ē Itís all I can do to oblige. But to those whose posts and essays were damn engaging to me, and with whom something of a good dialogue was begun, Iíll sorely miss it.


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