I feel your pain
August 28 2002 at 11:58 AM

Response to feels good to be back... I think.....

When I was a younger guy, the principal of my school phoned up his friend and got me a job. At that time I was living just west of Shibuya and was hitting Shimo, Shibuya, and western Tokyo places nightly. I was enjoying the hell out of it, but needed a job, so the dude sponsoring my visa called and got me hired sight unseed.

The catch was I had to move to a one horse town in Chiba prefecture, an hour out of the city.

Fuck. Goodbye bright lights, big city.

After reality set in and I got used to it, though, the place had a charm that the megalopolis didn't have, and if forced to choose between the two, I'd probably wanna go back to the one horse town.

Enjoy it man, there are neat things and places in Shimane, I'm sure, that absolutely cannot be found near a jazz house, live house, or whatnot. The key is to find that silver lining...

That, and country girls tend to be more normal. Tokyo women are frequently nuts...

Congrats on your appointment, BTW. Becoming a CIR is supposedly the "smart" thing to do in JET, is it not?


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