Asians in MN
December 12 2000 at 4:18 AM

Response to I'm going to bitch about the weather again

I negotiate Hwy 94 each and every day. The interchange where 494, 694, and 94 all meet in Woodbury has to be the most idiotic interchange on earth...three lanes to two in a quarter mile being fed by a huge cloverleaf. Those idiot Minnesota traffic engineers of the 1960s. And don't even start about those goddamn Wisconson drivers trying to slip in at the last second, backing the whole line up in the process, making the next group of Wisconsoners all that much more impatient...feeding the cycle...

The Asian women in MN...well, nothing to write home about. I don't especially like Hmong girls, but DAMN some of them have huge chests, and once in a while you will spot a real looker among the bunch. That is definitely a Hmong genetic deal...large breasted girls are pretty common among the SE Asian "community" in MN, at least the Hmong. There is a rather large (read: 10,000+) Chinese expat community at the U of MN...not my type, but definitely a large contingient and their presence in Dinkytown and the surrounding area has really fostered some seriously good Chinese food...been to Shuang Cheng in Dinkydale? Positively awesome. And Robert Lee (if you know who he is, an absolute "Iron Chef" caliber chef) has just opened a new place directly across from the Oak Street Cinema in Stadium Village, if ya know where that is. And there are several thousand Japanese in the area, and more than a handful of eligible, cute girls, mostly concentrated around the U of MN. The Yamamba/Ganguro types seem to go to Minneapolis Communicity and Technical College (I know because we used to live across the street from MCTC, on Spruce in Mpls). My wife was friends with a few for a while.

I'm "from" here, insomuch as I've lived here since I was 10 years old. I'm originally from PA. I live here now because I am being paid way too much for what I do, and our house is appreciating way too much for what it only makes sense to stick around and make hay while the sun shines. I'm also thoroughly enjoying all the pleasures of life in America, as we while away our days until the Big Move (to Japan, that is...). Oh well...gotta love that direct service to Kankuu, or Narita, if that's your thing...

How about you?


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