Choice is the difference
May 30 2002 at 3:42 AM

Response to Well....

'Bargirl' is uniquely SE Asian. The driving force behind their motivation is poverty, or the avoidence of it. Do you think that they really enjoy sitting there all night, making small talk in another language to some arrogant, fat, balding European? Only to then have to spend the night with that same person because you need the 15 bucks.

Hardly fits the image of Japanese night workers, does it. A smart women in Japan can become financially independant within 5 years if she wants to. A not so smart one can travel regularly, and deck herself out in whatever clothes, fashion or mode of lifestyle she wants too.

So, being forced to work in that industry out of socio-economic need to earn money for basic survival is the bane of the 'bargirl'. The Japanese on the other hand, does it out of choice (in most cases), out of desire for luxury things, designer goods, overseas trips etc.
If she wants to take it a step further than normal hostessing (ie prostitution, porn) then it is her decision.

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