On the topic of freakazoids....
July 30 2001 at 11:18 PM

Response to Yeah I totally agree with you, yy

I had an interesting experience Friday night.. and it's just sort of stuck in my mind for a number of reasons.
I live in Portland, OR, and I don't know if anyone here has been to Portland, but in a lot of ways it's a very.. uhm.. 'safe' city, a very commercial city, a very Starbucks city. Magazines ranging from Spin to more underground publications openly mock Portland's street culture because it's like Gap punk. Therefor, when I dress up and go out all night, I'm really not expecting much. I don't feel I have to worry about wierd people harassing me, because in general, I'm the sort of freak that my momma warned me about, and I just don't feel I have to worry.

Anyway, we left the club at 2:30 as opposed to 4am because it sucked, headed over to the Roxy (24hr diner) for burgers and then had an hour to kill before the train home. So we went to Pioneer Square (large empty brick square in the middle of downtown) to wait the hour for the train. And up walks this very well dressed older man in a yellow suit. And he says 'hello' and chats us up for a bit, which I didn't take as out of the ordainary, because most strangers you meet at 4 in the morning tend to do this. But he starts making particular comments on our wardrobe, and how nice we look, and how cute my friend's tights are (she's wearing black & white striped tights) and how they must look great when she stands up. She doesn't give a fuck, and is obviously not going to stand up for some old man.

So eventually he moves on and my friend's like "He thinks we're whores!" And I'm covered up to my neck in a scarf doubling as a blanket, and she's wearing a t-shirt that say's 'mean girl'. I tell her that I doubt there's any way that on this particular night we could be mistaken for whores.

So I take a nap, and I sort of come to again, and guess who's back? The blasted old man! This time he seems a bit more aggressive. He's asking me for a kiss and he'll be on his way. He keeps touching the small of my back. And I'm really too tired to be buggered with it, so my answers are very curt and eventually, once again, he goes off on his way.

So I'm just not sure what to make of the old man.. did he think we were whores, or did he just like picking up street kids who could use the extra dough? hhhhhmmm..

For the Asian women topic, I tend to find Asian women as two-faced as American women. I do find a lot of the Japanese.. 'freakazoids' as you put it, to be 10x sexier than their American equivalent. Not the cosplayers or the gothic lolitas, but the older ones who you'll find working at the clubs. The whole look just suits them perfectly, and I'm stuck knowing I will never look that good.

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