It's all in the blood, you know.
April 4 2001 at 6:38 AM

Response to Blood Types

Type O (The career/adventure seeker)
*Straight forward about ones personal desires
*Keen about pecking order
*Risk taker
*Despises authority
*Realistic decision maker
*Linear thinker
*Networker and buddy maker
*Physically sensual about love
*Wary of outsiders
*Favors individuality in all things
*Quick to shed emotional baggage
*Society oriented
*Women tend to be feminine, men masculine

Type A (The majority of the Japanese population)
*Pays attention to feelings of others
*Values peaceful human relations
*Slow to open up one's heart
*Obeys rules
*Respects order
*Subdued in actions and self expression
*Tends to think with patterns and prejudices
*Clear about right and wrong
*Pessimistic about future
*Trys to see the brighter side of the past
*Dissatisfied perfectionist
*Persistant long-distance runner. Tortoise, not the hare
*Tends to business as usual
*Not good at maintaining interest
*Slow to recover from emotional wounds
*Suppressed desire to change oneself
*Finds fullfillment in being useful

Type B (Most likely to be nerd)
*Individualist who despises imposed restrictions
*Individualistic in one's actions or ways of thinking
*Quick to open one's heart
*Not affected by one's surroundings
*Disrespectful of precedents
*Quick to take action
*Careful about decision making
*Practical and pragmatic thinker
*Has wide range of interests
*Tends to get hung up about past
*Optimistic about future
*Wide emotional swings
*Quick to heal from emotional wounds
*Tends to eject from family life
*Leads life driven by one's interests and curiousities

Type AB (Solid Citizen)
*Analytical and objective
*Desires to serve society
*Good at balancing human relations
*Desires harmony between people
*Asks opinions
*Good at suppressing one's emotions (read anger) in public
*Gets emotionally upset (read ballistic) when in close knit group
*Hates hypocrisy
*Intense concentration, poor persistance
*Multifaceted reasoning
*Casual hobbist, not nerd
*Practical about personal economics
*Prefers stability to riches
*Avoids confrontations

Personally, I don't buy it. But as a friend once explained, it is a useful tool in describing people.
As in "He's a typical type B"


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