Don't delete it man...
August 6 2001 at 4:10 PM

Response to A True Story!!

This is like the first time me and you have had opposing opinions Kawama dude. Okay, granted I realised it was dickie's story in the first before finishing the first couple of paragraphs, but it's bloody good, come on. It's like the first essay I've read in yonks that I thoroughly enjoyed.

I thought it would've been cooler if his gf had rung whilst he was being threatened by the yakuza guy. that would've created an interesting double-stress situation. Think I'll use something like that for the book.

Hey man, I don't mind dickie posting if his stories are going to be this good, as long as the prick doesn't talk afterwards.

Seriously, Kawama I don't think you should delete this essay.

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