Oh-er-um-gessus!-gotta puke …. where’s the f**king can!
January 2 2001 at 10:19 AM

Response to So you think my site has cheesy tunes??


Well Kris, finally you've bonded with a like-minded Web-artiste.

Between the two of you (you and the houxier dude) your sappy tunes were ultimately enough to bring me to the edge; and well, needless to say, I was left no choice but to evacuate my recent New Year’s cheer! … shit, some good Bailey’s that was, wasted on an unappreciative head.

But rolfing-chat aside, some terribly cute chicks on this link! Given ethnicity of these birds, I’m guessing you're shooting to drive James_D nuts for 2001!

Cheers, Denis


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