Looks like the time has come...
August 29 2002 at 12:16 PM

Man, can't ban people I want to ban, keep getting N54 ads popping up all the time, forum's infested with foul mouth newbies and Asian rascists.


Kawama I think it's time you posted the new forum..there's little choice. It's time for a new dawn my friends. A new YD forum that I will regulate the way I used to, more spiritual, more intelligent, more controlled. A new age of avatar headed threads, of member lists where you can see who's online and chat with them, of non-members not being able to start their own threads, of subdivided forums for Faq questioners and for people conversing in Japanese. Let us we engulf the coffin of N54 with flames and cast it out to vastness of the ocean. Let not the son of N54 wither in the stidgeon darkness as did his father before him.

"You served us well until you were consumed by greed and joined forces with the dark lords of Net advertising. Farewell N54, farewell."

p.s.i just watched Lord of the Rings again, and I'm hooked. I'm convinced it's one of the best movies ever made.


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