Thank you
May 15 2001 at 4:29 AM

Response to I'm with you, Kawa.

Hell, I'll let you guys imagine who'd you'd rather hang with --

Candidate A: a cultured, witty, attractive Jgirl who sits across the table from you, her hand cradling a glass of wine, her cheeks starting to turn a bit flush from the wine...or is it the conversation?


Candidate B: a wacked-out, thirtysomething jackoff who spells like Buckwheat, types like Captain Hook, hangs a Masters' Degree diploma in his office to remind himself and others that, yes, he really is a smart guy, honest, all the while sucking hard on some hash, smelling of rank B.O., and babbling about gaussian racism curves and the ectoplasmic existential theory of nuttitude.


I think it's pretty clear which one this boy would choose. Howzabout you? A little argumentum ad populum never hurt anyone...


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