December 7 2000 at 3:26 AM

Response to Dude..

I appreciate the advice.
For all the time I`ve been here I have yet to formally meet another gaijin. There are plenty around but they always seem busy going somewhere and likewise with me. So, I just leave it be. I`m not very social.
I`ve got several Japanese friends I`ve been meaning to meet up with but they seem pretty busy too. Hopefully that`ll change soon also.
I started to exercise. That was one of my first ideas to combat the problem. But usually I`m so damn tired from walking around doing errands all day that all I want to do is pass out when I get home in the evening. I kinda forgot about it. I should start up again now that I have more time.
I do have a playstation. I spent way too much money on used games when I first got here. That thing is really a life saver! I do recommend one for anyone with similar problems. I would try to read or watch movies and it just wouldn`t cut it. I can turn on the PSX and start blowing something up and 2 hours later I`m wondering what the hell I was so upset about in the first place!
I don`t have money to travel much because I spent it all on beer and video games. Nothing prepared me for the prices of beer here. I was buying way to much the first 2 weeks. We were blowing so much of our money at that time anyway that I didn`t really think twice about plunking down \1300 for a sixer.
But thanks guys. Just talking about it helps a lot too. I think that`s why I wrote about it last night. Coming here to young dudes and writing posts helps a lot too. Even if it is expensive as hell for the time being.
I don`t intend to give up. I never thought about giving up. Going back stateside isn`t an option. I don`t want to. I just needed a way to cope with this. My wife went through similar problems when she first came the u.s. to live with me. It didn`t bother her so much though because she knew she would eventually go home after a while.
I just need shit to occupy my time. Work, friends, drinking, games. I just need to get settled down and it`ll all work itself out.
Thanks again for the advice!


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