CD from Shibuya
December 7 2000 at 4:47 AM

Somethings never change and this place rocks. I`ve got a sake hangover, my dick hurts from overuse, and I just scored the best job ever(lecturer at a huge private University), which comes with my own personal computer, laptop, TV and couch in my own private office. Needless to say I have a huge smile on my face and a tentpole in my pants from walking around Shibuya. Anyways how`s life been at the forum, I will be back full time in about 7 weeks, first back to Byron Bay surfing for 6 weeks and then back to Canada to get organised. I had my first experience at a love hotel the other night, fucking awesome and the Japanese really know how to do things the right way, and how about the vending machines in the room, ya gotta love that. 4 more days, 3 more root sessions set up and no more fucking job interviews, yehaaaaa, Japan rocks. CD

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