July 30 2001 at 7:17 PM

Response to yeah... totally agree.

Yeah, the problem is that there are a lot of AAA's out there who 1. only date asian women because they don't have an luck with white women, for one reason or another, or 2. they like the stereotypical submissive type. And I wonder about AAA's that hit on every other Asian women they see, instead of a small percentage of asian women that they see. It's okay to like Asian women, but going for every other Asian women you see implies that they only see women as sex objects, more specifically, Asian sex dolls/ very desperate. It's not a pleasant feeling.

I've had AAA friends, and they're nice people, but I'd never date anyone who went after me just because I'm Asian. BTW, there are a lot of Chinese men who only go after Japanese women, and they are equally unattractive as well. It's completely healthy to find Asian women more attractive than other races, but to want to date certain women solely because of their race tends to offend a lot of Asian American women who don't find white men very special (unlike Japansese girls in Japan).

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