don't you spastics bother reading Evil's site or what?
July 26 2000 at 4:29 AM
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Response to suggestions please for a Canadian prospect.

Seems to me that half the stuff you dumb ass's ask is what's already been presented to you (in ultra cool) form on the this site. How much cash do you need to get by? maybe around 100,000 yen in most places, for minimum food and rent. You might earn something like 4,000 yen per lesson though, so that's like, 10,000 every couple of days or something. Pretty good. If your base pay is around 3,500 an hour and you're working at least 4 hours a day, you're cooking okay? less than that and you'll be scraping by.
Can you think of schools more desirable?? damn, what exactly does it say on Evil's Teaching English in Japan section, fuck you Yankees are as resourceful as shit sometimes. Oh sorry, Canadian, that should read Yankee Wannabee. READ THE SITE!! HELLO??? Speakee Ingles?

This losers next question was 'I have friends in Japan, is it worthwhile enlisting their help?'
du-huh, is it time for your injection yet Tonyr? yeah, because if I was going to a foreign land, I don't think I'D bother calling my friends who were only born there and can read the language, and might even know of jobs around their area for foreigners to aid me when I didn't know anybody else. Nah, I think I'd just go there on my own, without help, and run out of cash when probably they could have let me sleep on their floor whilst I was out job-seeking.

Just don't go to Japan okay Tonyr, or should I say Tommy dipshit? like, wake up call, you don't have the brains to survive in an environment where they don't use words like 'enlist' my friends. Maybe you can 'deploy' your penis up your daddies ass instead.

The French one

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