You're both right
August 24 2002 at 5:18 AM

Response to well excuuuuuuse me natas!

Mick, you actions to clear the air are appreciated. And Natas is right on the money. So far, by my casual two second reckoning, we've had eight or nine really, really, really, REALLY long and nasty debates/arguments and a slew of smaller ones. Somehow things keep rolling.

Natas is right, though... talking about girls isn't so much a "return" to where we "should" by as it is a much-needed break and retreat from where I'm sorry I took you all.

So, as far as hair goes, I must admit I'm sort of in the camp that prefers things as they naturally should be... anything unnaturally overgrown would be cause for concern, but I think women who obsess about their pubic hair probably aren't thinking very much about more important things...


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