August 4 2001 at 4:53 AM

Response to SHAZNA?! *<laughs>*

SHAZNA's a 'they'.... the vocalist's name is Izam.. not SHAZNA......

as to why.. well.. their older stuff is really good, and I got into them in this rare happy time in my life when I wanted everything pink and perky and Izam was my mascot. So every time I see him, I have a silly grin on my face... and he's got good taste.

And SHAZNA's single for .. damn.. Sumire September Love, I think it was, was filmed in San Fran and has a whole slew of drag queens I know. So it's fun to watch with people who know them too and to play drinking games.

Though out of my CD collection, my total Shazna collection has cost me the least of all. Out of what I own, the only thing I paid full price for was their "Pureness" single (from Crayon Shinchan! woohoo!) and "gold sun & silver moon".. which was from that 'happy time'. ^^


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