Do Premonitions Count?
June 4 2001 at 9:45 PM

Response to New Age Bullshit

My mother once told me she dreamt someone close to us from my father's company died (a friend of the family we had known), and it turns out a couple days later one was shot and killed while picking up an order downtown.

I don't really know if I believe it wholeheartedly. It's probably just pure luck.

Besides, my dreams are full of rubbish. I dream about big monsters devouring cities, Natural disasters leveling towns, and freaky aliens killing my family. If I've noticed anything, a common color in all my dreams is green. The monster is always green, or the scenary. I remember once dreaming I was house watching for Warren Buffet (A well-known multimillionare Omaha Native) when some freaky terrorist tried to do a drive by shooting, and then when he noticed he hadn't hit anyone, he hopped out of the car and started trying to force himself inside. Once he did, he lit the house on fire, and I frantically looked for an exit to escape. Noticing the only way out was through the forest at the back of the house, I got on my hands and knees and started crawling my way through the forest...Then I found a little Magic mushroom house in the forest (reminds me of alice and wonderland), and shortly after that I woke up... I dream weird shit like that...None of it as actually happened either.

Hmm as for anyother unexplainable phenomenon occuring to me? I remember worrying about my father and brother returning late home on a Sunday afternoon...Only to get a phonecall shortly after explaining he had been in a stickup at the local 7-11. He's still alive, thankgod. That's probably the closest thing, but hell there are plenty of other times I harvest a little worry for someone and nothings really gone wrong. Sometimes people only tend to remember those times when their gut feelings were actually right.

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