Power Move
April 29 2002 at 3:07 PM

Response to It seems some guys just dont know...


You take the coffee out of her hand, you put your coffee down and you kiss her.
That's the "Power Move".

I didn't know it had a name to it. What's more, I didn't know that an obvious move like this was worthy of a name.

What do you call throwing a girl on the table? (essay "the Tease") "Hyper Move"?

What about waiting in a girl's apartment for seven hours? ("Crazy Chinese Girl") "Super Move"?

What about when you don't even do anything and this nineteen year old girl proceeds to suck you before you even take your shoes off? ("A German Car...") I know, it's called a "No Move"!

Well, if we call that a No Move, what are we going to call talking to a girl for four hours without doing anything? ("Starvin' Marvin, Part 2")

I think the name for that would be the same name that would be more apt for the Power Move et al....



  • Indeeeed! - Eustice on Apr 30, 2002, 9:18 AM

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