Oscar...you been travelin' this weekend??
June 4 2001 at 9:09 AM

I was riding the Tobu Isesaki line to go to a friend's wedding party in Tokyo, and this cool looking J-guy got on the train and sat on the seat across from me. This guy fit my image of the Big O to a 'T'!! This guy was BLACK....not his skin color, but everything he wore/had was black; jeans, t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt over the t-shirt (unbuttoned), his shades, his hair, his personal planner..all black! The only thing that seemed "un-Oscaresque" were his black zippered ankle boots which had 3" heels. They looked a bit faggy, but other than that this dude was COOL! He had a "I could give two shits an' a f**k", semi-stressed look on his face the whole time as her rode.... Physically, he was about 174cm, late 30ish, slender...

I was so tempted to just say "Oscar!";...was it you, dude????

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