Get a clue.
August 31 2000 at 11:46 PM

Response to Errrr,,,,yeeeeeeeaaahh

Unless I am misreading your misapplication of the idea of a threaded discussion (after all, your post was in direct response to mine), it appears that you're asking me what my point is. It should be obvious. Haven't you ever heard of reading between the lines?

I was referring to the "profile" composed by the original USENET poster, the so-called "Moe". Are you really so lazy or thick-skulled as to require every last little itty bitty detail spelled out to you?

I was agreeing with Oscar...I didn't find the "Asiaphile profile" especially amusing. I actually found the author to be a pathetic, spiteful little pill.

And my point, in case you're too dull to infer, was that whoever "Moe" is, he was obviously subjected to some sort of emotional trauma related to Asian girls to have been motivated to write with such venom and poorly-disguised sarcasm. Nobody writes anything like that without cause. It's obvious in the tone he takes.

That was my point. Critical thinking is an acquired skill, and it takes practice to develop. Try it, you'll like it. Ask yourself "what could have motivated someone to write what I just read." Or better yet, "what would motivate me to write something similar." You'll gain a lot of insight into what people are really saying when they write...and yet I tried to summarize this in one sentence. Got it?


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