God DAMN it dude, I envy you...
August 26 2000 at 8:16 AM

Response to silly me

The beauty of life: doing something for the first time. Cherish this, bud, suck the marrow out of the experience. Take tons of pictures, and try everything, I mean everything you possibly can. No matter how much you come to love something as you grow older, there is NOTHING ON EARTH like experiencing it for the first time.

It might sound stupid, but the first time I expeirenced Japan I felt like I was living in the Blade Runner world...we landed at narita in the evening and rode the train all evening unitl we got to Tokyo, then headed north to Tochigi. Absolute, total goddamn sensory overload. I could barely sleep for days. Once the sun came up and I found myself in the countryside, the Blade Runner analogy wore off, but it was without a doubt a totally fascinating, exhausting, and life-altering experience. I haven't been the same since. And I went almost as an accident.

Japan is positively beautiful at night...cities are unsightly during the day, that's sad...but at night they are gorgeous beyond compare. They're huge but "cozy". I tell ya, there's nothing on earth better than walking the beautifully lit streets of Shimo-Kitazawa in Western Tokyo with your arm around a good woman, both of you floating on air after a night of drinking and dancing...damn the memories are coming back. What the hell am I saying...?

Anyway, enjoy your trip mate...what I wouldn't give to experience it all again for the first time. Don't do anything I wouldn't do!! (pretty much limited to anything homsexual or related to illegal drugs...most everything else is fair game!!).


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