September 4 2002 at 3:44 PM

Response to New Essay Question!: So you`re trapped on a desert island......

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of 2 fuck!ng gits
That started from this internet
Aboard this PC chip.

The Pong was a mighty smelly man,
Debito brave and sure.
2 passengers caught a train that day
For a gas panic tour, a gas panic tour.

The farts started getting rough,
Debito was getting pissed,
If not for the courage of the fearlful mawari-san
Gaijin would be lost, the Gaijin would be lost.

Rob Pongi sat round outside a priceful bar laughing at his own jokes!
With Debitoooo, The Policeman too,
The Camera-man and his wife,
The big glasses,
The press conference and radio,

Here on Jaaaaaapan's Isle.

So this is the tale of those losers,
They're here for a long, short time,
They'll have to make the best of things,
It's always complain time.

The first Smell and the Debu too,
Will do their very best,
To make others uncomfortable,
In the Oriental island test.

Phones, many lights & motor cars,
Too many luxuries,
Like Debito & Pongi's kuso,
As putrid as can be.

So join us here each week my friends,
You're sure to get some piles,
From 2 stranded castaways,
Here on "Jaaaaaaaapan's Isle."

(footnote) I'd stay with Rob as he would not sue me, and he would float better. I could get a big coconut tree trunk, shove it up his arse, put his XXXXXXXXXXL shirt on it as a sail. The trunk would be hollowed out to allow the updraft from the RobPongi thruster engine arse to fill the sails with extremely hot gas, which would propel the shit across the ocean at a very fast pace. Sharks are smart and would keep well away.


This is not an entry in the essay contest. It is the result of somebody who has nothing better than to come here after a long day at work & practise his typing in the dark of my house while everybody else is sleeping!!!!!


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