Yes, you are a bad person
August 2 2001 at 4:11 AM
Johnny Chicago 

Response to The average Belgian...

Just kidding. I knew slamming GWB might provoke a response from the K-dog. My bare bones point was that most Americans are not familar with world events. I think you did a pretty good job explaining why this is so. People in big, relatively self sufficient countries do not feel directly affected by anything that goes on outside their borders. So yes, Belgians are more aware of world affairs because they basically have to be. Whereas Joe Six pack could care less about a sunken Japanese fishing boat or a bunch of whiney French farmers.

But for the record, when Bush visited Canada and was told by a reporter that "President (French word for cheese fries)" supported his campaign. GWB beamed with a huge smile and thanked President Cheese Fries from the bottom of his heart. For many more examples GWBs insightful commentary tune into "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central.

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