its cool
June 25 2002 at 12:56 PM
Yosho Masaki 

Response to Taxsamurai, Yosho - points taken.

I wasn't trying to bust your balls or anything man, I'm glad you put this out here cuz it sucks to struggle with shit by yourself sometimes. By that statement I didn't mean to imply that you are incapable of "handling" Jgirls or any other kind of girl for that matter. What I meant was that we often get wrapped up in relationships without knowing what we really want. Sometimes its just sex, other times we get tired of all the goddamn yaritomos and feel the need for some genuine affection. I wanted to encourage you to examine your motives and desires within the relationship, compare them with your emotions and desires outside of it, and see if they are reconcilable. The reason for the "YD kind of" clause was that compared to vanilla, on-gf-at-a-time, totally devoted lovers' (which some of us are sometimes, and its not an entirely bad thing) relationship with women, our style of hooking up within the specific cultural context of asia is even more complex. I wasn't attacking your experience, cuz everyone's gotta start somewhere, but just remember how long you've been there. Anyways, good luck Tosh. We're glad to be your support group

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