The short answer is...
May 8 2001 at 7:45 AM

Response to Yup...

...that we are genetically programmed to be wary of things that are "not us" and "Stick together" with those like us in times of trouble. Animals act this way because it works. Zebra are wary of lions, etc. Racism comes from this, at its most basic level. Morality also comes from this herd mentality. Groupthink is another offshoot of this.

This doesn't mean that, as advanced and evolved beings, we are ruled by this, or that we are even aware of it. But I think there are strong arguments to be made for there being a genetic, evolutionary basis for discrimination of various kinds.

On the other hand, the "need" to disseminate ones genetic material would suggest evolutionary devices to argue against inbreeding -- so this may well be where the desire to coupulate or procreate with the "other" originated.

These two feelings are not mutially exclusive in my mind...and they're obviously not in everyone in equal quantities.



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