Answer's Simple
June 6 2001 at 12:15 AM

Response to Alright then Osc what's your theory on this..

When I was your age, my diet consisted mostly of shochu and orange juice. It didn't make me sick either. From ages 0 to 18, most of us are force fed highly nutricious and well balanced foods, whether by our mothers or by school cafeterias. Thanks to this, we can live on our fat, so to speak, up until 25 or so. Maybe as late as 28. After that, no amount of macrobiotic foods will help you unless you've been eating it for several years. Minerals like iron are particularly slow acting. If you stopped taking iron completely, it would take about two years before shit hits the fan - that is unless you are mensulating, in which case you could be short of iron to begin with. If you are eating even a modestly decent diet, the natural foods your mother fed you will tide you over for another few years yet.

Sorry Dude. It's not because you are particularly tough.


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