Yes, I'm a tool (and brief Sydney debrief)
April 28 2002 at 7:17 AM

Response to Toolkit

but I'm not an anonymous tool. I stand by my post - posted because I like to see YDs getting laid. And that is a good example of how to take it from "thanks for the evening" to "what would you like for breakfast."

Of course, if someone says thanks to me then that's also a bonus.

Let me give you another example of what a tool I am.

Friday night went out in Sydney with Shakuhachi. I approached one girl the entire evening. And it was a lame approach, too - called something out to a J-girl in japanese. She ignored me. Luckily Shakuhachi knew what to do, and got her number. Other incidents included: not getting a phone number from that Korean girl in Sharkies (the permed hair one); and (my favourite) having that Korean girl downstairs (wherever we were at that point in the night) tell me staight off the bat that she doesn't speak English. Actually, she did speak English, but she just didn't want to speak to me.

Obviously that last post of mine wasn't intended for everyone - I'm not the Guru (Tom Cruise in Magnolias comes to mind), and nor do I want to be. But if you're gonna criticise, please be specific. I've got nothing to work with from that last anonymous post - no idea of the personality behind it, or what specifically pissed you off.


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