April 23 2002 at 10:49 PM
Silver Tongue 


You can't just go around making assumptions about people man. Notice that I never assumed you of being a creepy fucker for the "free booze" invite on your first post. I actually thought of it as a rather cool gesture. If I was in Tokyo, I'd take you up on it. I'm sort of adventerous in that sense. For all I know though, you could be a 55 year-old faggot attracted to the "Young Dudes" because of its title. That's not for me to decide. I'll take you at face value until a time comes when we meet in person. I'd only hope you'd do the same for me, but you haven't.

Sorry if my measly undergraduate degree is not enough to thrust me into the upper echelons of your society man; however, a "superior" education never implies intelligence or superiority. Some profs I've studied under are the dullest, most sheltered, quacks I've ever crossed paths with. Others have been brilliant, motivational mentors that have challenged me to rise to my potential. On the other hand, some of the smartest people I know have no education. Bluntly put Phinneas, there is no correlation between education and intelligence, nor is there any correlation between education and taste! Because of this, don't go around making these assumtions man.

Truth be known, I've never been to Japan before! I don't know about the way the girls are there. I spare my opinions for when I see for myself. I hopped on this forum to gain info for my upcoming trip to Japan. Since arriving at YD, I've stayed because of it's witty, insightful and interesting people like you. I like how people write on this thing (something I'm trying to improve on myself).

Furthermore Phinneas, after you make these statements, you run and hide behind the veil of Oscar. That's being somewhat of a pussy if you ask me. Dude, you state your points every bit as concisely as anybody I've come across. I respect that a lot. In fact, I wish I were more like you in that respect. I'm man enough to say that I'm not though. Does that mean I'm inferior to your outback-living-arse? I hope not.

If you come through Tokyo again after August 17th Phinneas, lets go have a beer (your buying--insert sarcastrophe). We can go out as friendly strangers and I can see if you're the Cassanova you claim to be. I hope you are man, because it would be a blast. However, until that day arrives, I ask you one favour: Please don't judge me, my tastes, or my intelligence until that night dawns on us. After that, call me anything you want, but be truthful and sincere. That's my rant to you man.

Silver Tongue

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