If You Wanna
April 26 2002 at 1:13 AM
Silver Tongue 

Response to Attn Oscar: Virgin Killer's Battlefield Debriefing


If this is just another girl that will amass to nothing more than a notch in the bedpost, I suggest getting to the point fast. All these romantic moves might make her do one thing that might end up causing you a pain in the ass. Sounds like she's interested enough, and that was a great heads-up on the pre-ordering of the plum wine. Seems to me like you might have been able to chalk another up on your first night with her.

Anyway, here's the hand I'd play. It's called bluffing two pair when you actually got a full house. Upon her next return, try to get her to voluntarily come by your place, so you ca be waiting at home for her. When she gets to the door, have some dimly lit lighting, soft music (I suggest acid jazz--especially if she's older. If you have none, try downloading a few songs from Medeski Martin Wood--they are great for this.), and have a gourmet dinner waiting for her. Try cooking up something native to your ancestoral heritage. Chicks go for shit like that. Don't forget some candles, and try to turn your little pad into a love shack. After dinner, break out some kind of aperitif--a cognac or whatever. Sit on the couch, and here is your moment of truth.

Tell her the rest of the night can go one of two ways. Be a good guy and offer to fulfill her promise about the lease, or give her another alternative. Tell her that she reminds you of some story about adventures from your past. Offer her to tell that story, but under one condition--if she likes the story, it's your turn to see what a massage feels like from her. If she likes you, she'd be more than happy.

If you get past that moment of truth, at some point during the massage, turn around a plant a huge kiss on her. Make it saucy and take it from there. I'm sure we all have our own moves when the issue gets to thispoint. Trust me that the girl will be so swept away that she won't ask about your special friend until it's over. She won't want to because she wants to prove her prowess in the greatest of arenas. Take it from there man. Good luck and get the jacknife out, you're making another notch.

Silver Tongue

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