Drug Reps
May 9 2002 at 3:37 AM

Response to Pharmaceutical Reps (Oscar)

I don't know what kind of jobs drug reps do in Canada, so I can't say. I doubt they would stand for the kind of outright abuse drug reps get in Japan. I rutinely torture my reps by asking them about obscure studies involving the drugs they are trying to sell. I've heard of some doctors who actually demand drug reps to wash their cars.

To sell a drug you are required to know a great deal about it, so people will be looking for someone with a good memory and some background in the field. A good team player who can dress like he is selling sterilized material is mandatory.

Then in Japan, you would need other talents like the ability to discuss baseball without disclosing your contempt for your customer's favorite team, feign agreement with the reactionary politics of most doctors, play golf and lose against incompetents without making it seem too obvious and trouble shoot on outdated Macs that doctors like to use.

Try to smile like your face is paralized in a grin. You can pretend you are Joker.

One guy who worked for Sankyo Pharmaceuticals was a really cool dude. He had an expense account bigger than my boss's research grant but of course he was always self deprecating like a lowly servant. If the boss wasn't looking, you could ask him to take you anywhere including strip bars and brothels. He would pick up the tab every time. One day I caught him shopping for dinner at a department store. I was shocked to see him in a leather jacket, cool square glasses and jeans. His wife was drop dead gorgeous. He must have been a competent rep because soon after that he got promoted to an office in Hamamatsu.


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