September 3 2000 at 8:35 AM

Response to Girl Watching Sites

I was a JET in Fukuoka for a couple of years and spent many enjoyable nights in Oyafukudori bars. You're right - a great place to watch the babes go by. I hear that as Fukuoka is a university town it has one of the highest concentrations of young women in Japan. Another place I liked was in front of Hakata train station. I used to attend nightclassess at a Nihongo school near there, and I'd sit and study at the local Mr Donuts beforehand. I don't know what the staff thought about this gaijin sitting there; probably thought I was trying to pick up the women, but they never seemed to object.
Oscar, did you ever go to the Tennis Club at Nakasu? I always wondered if the hostesses really wore those short skirted white tennis uniforms or not. I heard it was really expensive.

  • Nakasu - Oscar@Oita on Sep 3, 2000, 12:09 PM

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