Still No name... ;-)
August 26 2000 at 1:27 PM
No name 

Response to Glad to see you're still checking in.

I`m leaving next Tuesday for the U.S., going back to my more year and then I`m out of there, and I hope I can find a job in Japan right quick after (before?) I graduate.

Nothing really exciting to report on my relationship with my friend, we`re still friends, maybe even closer friends now that I`ve done this. I mean, we haven`t really argued or anything since I told her about how I feel. I really think she was touched by what I had to say, even though she doesn`t feel the same at this point, or at least not on my level. I remember when I told her she was beautiful, she responded with an "Arigato" that just made me feel all warm inside.

I`ll just take this opportunity to resond to everyone telling me to put the moves on her; while part of me really wants to do just that, I will not force things with her, becuase I do not want to lose her as a friend, and I think doing that could cause an adverse reaction in her, and would kind of give her an "I`ll make you like me!" vibe. We`re in a pretty good head space right now. If a situation arises where it feels natural, I`ll might try something, but I won`t try anything unless I feel she`s comfortable with it. Sorry guys!

My male friend told me the same thing he told me before I told her, "No matter what her answer to you, it's gong to be helpful for your life." Kind of obvious, but, I hope this will be a step in getting over the fear of rejection I have in these kinds of situations.

Why I`m still No name? I guess it kind of just became my handle. I am trying to kind of keep a low profile though, for a few reasons.

"If, on the off chance you're flying Northwest back through
Minneapolis, let me know and I'll buy you a few beers if you
have a layover or can spare the time. "

Sorry, I`m not passing through there...luckily I`m on the west coast, so that bastard of a flight is only 9 hours instead of the more ungodly lengths some people get stuck with. I ain`t looking forward to it, though!

Now that the situation with my friend has finally settled down, I figured I`d respond to your remarks about JET. Yeah, my goal is to get one of those administration positions, but, damn man, I just want to go back...if I can get a guarantted job for a year or more, I`ll take just about anything! On this subject, is NOVA as bad as everyone makes it out to be? I mean, if I have no other options, would getting a job or one of the big chains
there be a bad idea?

By the way, what exactly did you do when you were in Japan? Of course, having a Japanese Tsuma gives you a lot more options, but, I just always like to hear how other Gaijin get by in Japan.

No name


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