Oscar, thanks.
June 5 2001 at 2:22 PM

Response to Say, good subject for this site!

Oh wise man, please guide me. Your words ring true. I will think long and hard about your advice.

Let`s face it, I`m an average looking guy back home. I was your basic salaryman before stuffing it to come here. Babes, money, free time, all these things were hard to come by in the States. And then I came here. Wow. Life is just so easy. Plenty of babes, lots of booze, safe streets, money for doing a stupid job. But, again, that feeling of lethargy. I`m reading the newspaper about people doing great things (or just doing ANYTHING) and I feel like I`m wasting time. But then my hot babe comes over and we do it and I`m back to GOD I LOVE JAPAN!

The Buffet Theory. OK, I`ll think about it!


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