June 8 2001 at 2:51 PM

Response to Untitled amusing and harmless guy, so I'll just clue you in to one thing:

There is no, repeat NO question in the minds of respected, qualified archaeologists and egyptologists that the people of that region both designed and built the pyramids. Nothing found on site in the way of artificats or other evidence even so much as suggests anything else.

Nothing whatsoever. No evidence to the contrary. Clearly, building the pyramids was a huge task, but reconstructive archaeology research has "invented" dozens of primative ways to impart a shocking degree of precision to simple designs. Ancient man was not less intelligent than modern man, he just knew fewer facts. His capacity to reason and think were more or less identical to ours -- perhaps his abilities in this area were keener than ours today because he had fewer distractions. It's an interesting idea, anyhow. Whatever the case, never count ancient man out -- he was as capable of reasoning and inventing as we are.

Now, of course, there are legitimate questions as to when some of the items were built, by whom, and for what purpose exactly. There are competing theories to explain the "meaning" and significance of virtually every archaeological find, the world over, and these disagreements are sometimes seized upon by skeptics and ignorant people as "proof" that a related theory is critically flawwed in some way. This is just foolishness. There is rarely serious scholarly dispute about basic facts unless something critical remains unexplained.

Take this talk to e-mail if you have any desire to debate this point.

I do invite you to publically post anything regarding the supposed "proof" that the pyramids would have required 800 years to build. There is no shortage of theories, good, bad, and otherwise, on nearly any topic. I'd be curious to learn why this particular theory convinced you.


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