The same could be said for anything.
March 20 2002 at 9:35 PM

Response to I partially agree.

Trust me -- marraige will force you to grow up in ways you can't imagine at the moment.

Like going to jail, being stranded on a desert island, losing a limb, etc. (note all of these involve sacrifice, just like marriage). Like ANY challenge in life. The only thing I don't agree with in your last post is the assumption that there is only one way to "grow up", or that marriage is particularly special (which is what you seem to be implying). The only reason I can see for it being so special is its ubiquity. Then again, maybe I'm just the bitter progeny of a broken home

As far as non-sequiturs go, something doesn't have to be logically valid and unassailable to be "true" as it may relate to human relationships or activities.

I didn't say it wasn't a true statement for married people, but I think it also applies to non-married people. Just depends on your circumstances. (Thinking of all the things I've had to give up or change since starting school... And the things I've gained.)

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