Re: Kudos
April 26 2002 at 1:08 AM

Response to Kudos

Hi Oscar,

Thanks Oscar! Your imput is greatly appreciated.

> The only obvious screw up was the massage part.

Hmmmm! I suppose I should have asked for advice sooner. The idea was that it would start as a perfectly harmless massage and escalate into something more intimate. It worked before, but this time it didn't have the desired effect.

I'm not saying that the massage made her uncomfortable. She seemed to enjoy it. But she definately (but gently) put a halt to it when my hands roamed where she didn't want them too. She told me that she didn't want me to find out how fat she was. As if that's her problem. This girl probably has a 25 inch waist.

> Your next move will depend largely
> on what sort of girl she is. You may
> get laid on the next date, or you may
> screw up for going to fast.

I think that the jury is still out. The "significant other" factor could sink me all by itself.

> One obvious thing you must do is to avoid
> becoming too familiar.

I think I understand what you're saying. Basically, I should steal a kiss on the cheek or something risque. We did talk about working out together. With American chicks, this can be a great way heat things up. Don't know if it will work with J-Chicks.

Anyway, I think I'd like to turn things on a romantic note. Maybe write her a haiku or take a stab at writing her name in caligraphy.

The Virgin Killer


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