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August 7 2000 at 8:10 PM

With all the recent talk about the behaviour of Asian women going on, I thought that I’d throw my knowledge into the cooking pot. Now I’m not calling myself an expert (can anyone be an expert in this type of thing?) but I have dated quite a few different nationalities of Asian girls and I’ve picked up on a few things. Before I start though, I’m a British (white) guy so I don’t know if guys with different nationalities would have different experiences. I mean, would it all be different if I was Asian or black?

CHINA BORN CHINESE – These are usually the hardest to get dates with because a lot of them insist on being ‘traditional’ by dating another Chinese. She’ll have you as an occasional friend but the second you hint at anything more she’ll shove up those defences quicker than Washington DC during a nuclear attack. This can make you think she’s being cold and mean but in reality she’s just afraid of stepping out and doing something different (that’s you then). But preserve my sons! Get through those defences and your going to be greatly awarded because China born Chinese girls are some of the best women on the planet. I could write a book about the benefits but you should find all that out by yourself, you’ll be thanking me later.

DANGER RATING – It will be quite some time before she comes out with those evil “I love you” words but once it happens you will know that she really means it. She’ll stay loyal to you as long as your good to her but if you fuck up in even the slightest way, she’ll unleash the fists of fury big time. I’m serious, you argue with a China born Chinese girl and you can kiss everything goodbye. How does that saying go? “Hell has no fury like a Chinese woman scorned” after a few years in this game then you’ll know what I mean.

WESTERN BORN CHINESE/HONG KONG CHINESE – If you thought that these girls would be the same as their China born sisters then your way too wrong. You see, Hong Kong is very westernised, even though its Chinese territory now it still had a good dose of western culture in its upbringing and this has affected the girls in a big way. Western and Hong Kong born Chinese girls are very similar to the average western woman (this can be a major turn off) and only on the odd occasion do they go back to their Chinese roots. Dating them shouldn’t be any problem, a lot of other guys leave them alone simply because they don’t like Chinese so you shouldn’t have much competition……unless another member of the AAA is living in the area! Seriously, these girls are more open minded than traditional Chinese girls and a lot of them find it a huge turn on to go out with a gwailo. Merry Christmas dudes!

DANGER RATING – Tricky one this, there are some that handle a relationship quite normally and don’t expect everything within the first week of asking her out. But then there are other girls that seem to adopt the Japanese approach and before the first date is over she’ll be planning your wedding. Sorry guys, this is something that you will have to find out for yourselves when the time comes but remember when I said that they occasionally go back to their Chinese roots? Get ready to duck those fists of fury.

VIETNAMESE - All the Vietnamese girls that I’ve dated seem to have some sort of weird dual personality. When at home they can be very traditional, acting reserved and speaking the mother tongue with the folks but when I was alone with them they turned into Miss “I want to be western so much”. It’s pretty uncomfortable when they instantly swap from one to the other and you have to quickly decide on which one you like best. Though all the Vietnamese girls that I’ve dated have been very kind. With one girl I made the slightest cough and she instantly went out to buy me throat sweets, an energy drink and even a get well card. With another girl I once told her (after a hard day skipping class) that I was feeling a little tired and that weekend she booked us both into an expensive out of town hotel. However I don’t recommend ‘using’ any girls for any personal gain, treat her as you want to be treated yourself, okay dudes?

DANGER RATING – They’ll treat you like a king but won’t say those “I love you” words until much later on in the relationship. If you ask why she’s treating you so good then she’ll simply say something about treating everyone in the same way and add that your nothing special. I dunno, Vietnamese girls are probably the best at hiding their feelings but if someone knows different then let me know.

I’m not going to write anything about Japanese girls because there is plenty of good information floating around in this forum already. Though it seems you’ve all been out with the younger girls, maybe I should write a guide about dating older Japanese women, its my area of expertise. Well I’d like to hear what the rest of you have to say about what I’ve written and has anyone got some information on Thai/Filipino girls?

Stay out of trouble you crazy kids,



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