all too familiar
August 5 2001 at 2:58 AM

Response to Update for those interested

When my last jgirlfriend and I travelled to Chinatown, she had her eye on me. If I looked at another girl, I knew I'd be busted, so I tried just looking at the ground. She asked why I wasn't having a good time (eyes to the ground and all).
As guys we have this need to look...even at the ugly ones, just so we know where the females in the vicinity stand on our shag spectrum. Blame it on our primitive instincts.
Ace, if you don't want to live the Catch-22 I did, then just look at your girl, man. She's the one you want to be with, and your body language, which she notices more than you, will confirm that. Plus, when you look into her eyes, you can pull some James Bond-style and scan for hotties in the reflection. Just kidding. Good luck.

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