April 1 2001 at 11:52 PM

Check this chick out:

Kinda frightening looking, eh? There's nothing wrong with cosplaying, but I would suggest something that might flatter her figure a bit more. Thankgoodness she didn't wear a plugsuit. >.<

Don't you guys hate it when you see big chicks trying to wear skin tight clothing? (or anything MEANT for a slimmer figure) I know I do. Nothing is more disgusting these days then seeing a 300 pound lady wearing a bright, tight, pink tanktop. Unfortunatly, Americans being the lazy sobs they are, Obesity is becoming a rising trend. Just think, they did a study recently predicting that in 20 years, over 50 percent of the population would be considered obese. (please tell me if I quoted it right. I haven't actually read the report, only heard it from a friend)

Sorry for being shallow, but hey I think everyone here would have somewhat the same opinion I do.

Hey what's it like in other parts of the world? Are you guys having some similar problems? I haven't many Japanese people that were overweight. Maybe we should stop producing all these fating products. If you ever want to fill yourself up some of the most greasiest, fatiest foods, by all means come to America. You'll find it all here! Maybe we should stop producing it, and encourage a more healthy lifestyle? Bah! The end of the world would come much sooner than that.

As an exboyfriend once stated about wearing sexy (And often tight clothing): "It's a privlage, not a right." >.<


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