Be suspicious of people who deny wrongdoing before even being asked!!
May 16 2001 at 5:29 AM

Response to Y

This is all about a friend and the rest is some rumour he heard...
Once upon a time in an obscure place in Japan, there was a bar, a converted warehouse by the sea, which was isolated enough for kids to come in and play loud music. The place attracted all sorts of misfits. The owner himself got in trouble with some shady creditors and eventually disappeared.
One time after a show by a has-been radical folk singer, we... er,they... were sitting around talking and this guy started passing around what appeared to be a hand rolled ciggarette. Everyone took a puff. The effect was not even noticeable. He concluded that it must have been something other than a reefer.
Another time when my friend was not there, some guys had a performance which they said was the best they ever played. Friend was sorry he missed the performance until the owner of the place told him that the band was actually the pits that night. They only thought they were good because they were under the influence of something they smoked.
Maybe people have different tolerances. Whatever. Friend still prefers wine.

(Don't wanna lose the medical license) Oscar


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