April 27 2002 at 5:59 AM

Hey guys - I know this isn't a seduction site, but i'm gonna share something with you called THE POWER MOVE (yes, I love my capitals <g>).

Guys often seem to have problems getting that first kiss, making that first move... I remember - you spend the whole night waiting for 'the perfect moment' and of course it never comes. She ends up going home thinking, "what's wrong with me? Am I too ugly for a handsome YD like him?" and you end up going home thinking, "I'm such a pussy. How can I fabricate this story so I look like a legend when I post on YD tomorrow." You masturbate.

I'll give you the specific example of THE POWER MOVE that I like to use. It is quite specific - it's for when she's at your house, or you're at hers. You're drinking something: maybe she has offered you a cup of coffee or something after having "a great night" together. Maybe it's after you have cooked her dinner, a glass of plum wine. Whatever.

THE POWER MOVE goes like this: you look at her, deep into her eyes. You forcefully put your cup of coffee down on the coffee table. you are still maintining eye contact. You take her coffee and saucer from her hands, and put it down on the coffee table. You move in and you give her the sweetest fucken kiss imaginable (I'm not gonna write up instructions on how to do this).

It's the best way to bridge that gap of uncertainty. Because quite honestly it could really backfire. It's fucken exciting. But most importantly it shows her, in no uncertain terms, that you are a man, and that you have carnal desires.

THE POWER MOVE is quite flexible. You can do it standing up at a bar (grab her drink, put it down. Move in). While driving (mid conversation, just pull the fucking car over to the side of the road, forcefully jam on the handbrake, and move in. Maybe undo seatbelt first<g>). Even with that girl next to u on the aeroplane (though the next 5 hours could be very uncomfortable should she say no. But then again, I reckon it's worth 'betting the house' coz u might end up in the toilets with her. Quite honestly I'm prepared to get egg on my face 99 times, if on the 100th time I end up in the toilets with some chick. What a story to tell the fellas<g>).

So yeah - THE POWER MOVE is a make-or-break move. Most importantly, it's an extra tool in your arsenel. If she rejects you, you probably weren't gonna sleep with her anyway. And there's a good chance it will pave the path to her beef curtains.


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