oh come on...
August 5 2001 at 11:25 PM

Response to heheh

I'd like to hear Kris tell me he's NEVER won a gal over with the accent alone! I love British accents.. but then, even better is an asian woman with a British accent.

^^; yeah Hadiya.. I've sorta had an early start.. like when I was 16, everyone thought I was 19.. and now that I'm 19, everyone assumed I'm 21-23. So this age problem of mine made me get outta highschool .. 2 1/2 years early and start workin' on college... uhm.. then stop with college, did some jobs for a while.. back in college.. and that's where I am now. It's also responsible for why I tend to go out with men/women in their late 20's to make up for the fact that men my age tend to still be in a highschool mindset.

Just a piece of work all around... but English boys are cute. Which was back to the point. Cutest's brit. boy I ever knew was this guy named Ruvin who I feigned an interest in Brit-rock with to get to know him better. Red headed, classic accent.. damn.

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