jealous misconceptions
December 3 2000 at 2:09 PM
like you care 

I'm about to shoot off to Japan after completing a TESOL Cert and my degree in English. I'm an early twenties white-guy who has basically had enough of shite sales jobs in London. I was planning to go to Poland but then took a job in Japan cause the pay was better, plus I love computer games. But, I'm definitely not a sad-geek, can't get a girlfriend ugly Mr no-mates. So what is everyone's problem ??
I recently went out with some gaijin female friends who have lived in Japan and was given the talk - "yeah, it's really sad that young guys go out there pretending to teach when all they want is to take advantage of their status". Says the girl, who is Miss Karaoke Queen, I have Japanese male friends that salivate over me and I love it.
Jesus Christ, yeah oriental women look kind of cute but with an attitude like that I'm beginning to feel that they don't like the idea of us playing on a level playing field for once. I went to a college in Hampshire that had a ratio of 8 girls to every bloke and there was resentment there - I had the, "well the only reason you're here is because you're in the minority".
Here I am trying to swat up on my English grammar and there are these girls thinking that I'm secretly a sad and desperate man who is running away .... maybe I am, from them !
Also, before I totally bore you to tears - my other male mates have kind of deserted me too. They say stuff like "man, you'll love it ... I've always wanted to go to Japan ...". No-one believes that you can actually want to LIVE abroad for reasons other than you being in some way a failure. First thing I want to do when I get there is buy a PS2, not go on the pull in Roppongi. OR am I deceiving myself here ?


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