further thoughts
April 27 2001 at 11:09 AM

Response to some thoughts

What I’ve noticed is there’s a dramatic absence of asian women adding their feminine trace to this forum. According to Kawama they could be lurking; sure, he could be right on that point. But why are they not engaged enough, encouraged enough, to join in on forum discussions and contest our masculine narratives?

Unlike sensei Plato39 (could someone please tell me how 38 individuals beat this moron to the gate in their acquisition of the nomen Plato!), I welcome the addition of girls to the forum, especially those of Japanese persuasion.

Certainly the forum has its few female fellow-travelers. And hey, not for a second do I minimize the thoughtful posts of TMI, Miya, Hadiya, and surely others who have livened debates. But what the forum “is” lacking, is the addition of a sundry group of asiatic females who regularly happen by with their contributions to, lift us dudes up, so to speak!

I admit, there’s some half-dear and decent banter on the chat some days. That helps pass the hours. But truly guys, it’s all been said (and well) before -- by me! See my “Ethics” and the “Politics”.

In order to correct this deficit:

Should we advertise the forum more broadly to attract the right sort of ‘participatory’ audience? (How for instance does one take Oscar’s YD mirror page initiative to the next level?)

Should we search out j-girl chat pages and embed the address of the forum therewith, so that each time some babe posts an “I’m lonely and no one loves me” message, she automatically is bounced to the forum? Has this been tried? It is this even technologically possible? Ah -- in the old days we’d resort to rhetorical devices for this sort of thing. Sigh! how simple life was back then.



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